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The Inventors Behind The Stuff You Use Everyday- Must Know Names

By on 03:02:00

  ave you ever wondered about the persons behind the things around you, which make your life so simple? There are many things without which our daily life becomes hell, take electricity, mobile phone, computer as example, we even can't imagine today our life without them. Beside these, much house-hold stuff rule our life these days, thanks to the great thinkers and inventors who made our life so easy and they really deserve to be remembered.
Here is the list of those stuff and their inventors, which must be remembered by everyone because it is also a part of the everyday general knowledge.

 AC Eletricity -                                   Nikola Tesla                         

 Computer -                                       Charles Babbage                    

 Mobile Phone -                                 Martin Cooper (Motorola) 

 Air Conditioner -                             Willis Carrier                       

 Refrigerator -                                   William Cullen                     

 Television -                                        John Logie Baird                 

 Vacuum Cleaner -                            Hubert Cecil Booth              

 Microwave Oven -                           Percy Spencer                       

 Camera -                                           Nicephore Niepce                 

 Light Bulb -                                      Thomas Alva Edison            
 Pen drive -                                         Dev Moran                           

 USB (Universal Serial Bus) -           Ajay V Bhatt                        

 Car -                                                   Karl Benz                             

 Bicycle -                                             Macmillan                             

 Motorcycle -                                      Gottlieb Diamler                    

 Electric Motor -                                William Sturgeon                 

 Shoes -                                                Jan Ernst Matzeliger          

 Jeans -                                              Jacob Davis & Levi Strauss  

Hope you liked the list, don't forget to share it and spread the words. If you feel, something is missing in the above list, do let me know in the comment section below.


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