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Thermodynamics-An Engineering Approach by Yunus A, Cengel & Michael A. Boles

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Title:-Thermodynamics- An Engineering Approach
Authors: - Yunus A Cengel
               Michael A Boles
                                 Pages:    970
                                 Size:       22 MB
About The Book:-
Thermodynamics by Yunus a. Cengel and Boles is a very popular book as it covers all the basic principles of thermodynamics to be studied by undergraduate students and this book is really a gem for those students who are new to thermodynamics want to clear the basic concepts. Every chapter has a lot of new problems and solved examples, it presents gas behavior all the laws of thermodynamics in a practical way. 

Topics Covered :-
1.     Introduction And basic concepts
2.     Energy, Energy Transfer And General Energy Analysis
3.     Properties of Pure Substances
4.     Energy Analysis of closed systems
5.     Mass And Energy Analysis of Control volumes
6.     The Second Law of Thermodynamics
7.     Entropy
8.     Energy: A Measure of work potential
9.     Gas Power Cycles
10.     Vapor And Combined Power Cycles
11.     Refrigeration Cycles
12.     Thermodynamic Property Relations
13.     Gas Mixtures
14.     Gas-Vapor Mixtures And Air-Conditioning
15.     Chemical Reactions
16..     Chemical And phase Equilibrium
17.Compressible Flow

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