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15 Best Free CAD Software for Students

In today's tremendously increasing production industries, designing of the product is the first and the most prominent part of the process and for the same CAD software is a must have a tool to reduce flaws in design. CAD application is very important for better production and efficiency and for this good CAD software is necessary and there should be a significant budget to get a premium one. If you are a student and introducing yourself to CAD then it is obvious that this will be a problem.

So, to overcome these problems, I have looked for the best alternatives to premium CAD and all the versions of premium one which are available for students to download with free student license. Before this, lets talk little about CAD.

What is CAD? What is the importance of CAD?
Computer aided design or computer aided drawing, in short CAD, is a computer program made specifically for designing, drafting, and development of a product .These programs are used to draw 2D and 3D drawings of a product or part of a product. It is very familiar term among engineering students and as well as computer aided designers and it is playing a great role in the development of machines, automobiles because we can design and run them virtually in these programs, making easy for the designers to know the defects, shortcomings and improvement needed. In addition to these, there are many CAD software available which can also :- 
1. Simulate, 
2. Analyze stress and strain subjected on the components, 
3. Calculate the effect of heat and thermal expansion, 
4. Calculate magnitude, and effect of friction between different components, 
5. Check environmental impacts,  
6. And estimate cost and expenses of making a product. 

However, each CAD software has different function is programmed to carry out a particular task. 

Today, I am here with all the free CAD software available on the internet. However, some software is very expensive but thanks to the kind gestures of the companies, who are providing free licenses up to 4 years to students. Here is the list :-

Click on the name of the desired application for details and download page.

**If you face difficulty in downloading and installation in any of the above application, comment your problem below or contact me.

In addition to these, there are more free CAD software available for hardcore designing lovers. I am listing all possible names here. Click them to go their respective site to download. 

Hope you enjoyed the article and If you think that this article needs any improvement or addition, then please let me know in the comment section below or fill out "contact me" form. AND lastly, don't forget to share and like "eBuzzPro" on Facebook.


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