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Engineering Book Reviews & eBooks II

Are you studying engineering? Are you curious about what books you will have to go through in your 4 years of engineering and you are unable to decide book of which author you should buy or you are in search of the best book for a particular subject? Then you are at right place because here I am to clear all your confusions related to engineering books and I will tell you all pros and cons of each book and author straight to the point so that you feel proud about your decision later. In addition to these, I have listed all the best free resources available for every subject on the related pages of the books.


First of all, let me tell you that I have categorized books by engineering branch for easy navigation. You have to select the desired book from the list below and another page will open where you will able to know about the books of the same subject by different authors, pros, and cons of each book so that you can choose the right book for you. PDF of each book can also be download from the same page.
Select your desired subject for detail and download options :-

                  MECHANICAL  ENGINEERING BOOKS                   
Theory of Machines (TOM)                  Strength of Materials 
FluidMechanics                           Manufacturing Processes 
Engineering Mathematics                  Machining Processes
(B S Garewal)                                            (P C Sharma)
Environmental Science                    Introduction to Matlab 

Engineering Drawing                      Engg. Thermodynamics 
Applied thermodynamics                      Applied Chemistry 

C Programming                                   Heat & Mass Transfer 
(Kernighan & Ritchie)                             (Yunus A. Cengel)

Operation Research              Design of Machine Elements 
                                                                   (V B Bhandari)

Heat Transfer                                      Mechanical Vibration
(J P Holman) 
Refrigeration and AC                              Power Plant ENGG 
Gas Turbines                                                          IC Engines 
                                                                          ( V Ganesan)

Industrial Engg.                                  Fuels and Combustion

Numerical Methods in Engg.                       Fluid Machinery

Heat & Mass Transfer                                  Fluid Mechanics
(Frank P. Incropera)                             (Cengel & Cimbala)

Thermodynamics                                  Strength of Materials
(Cengel & Boles)                                  (1&2 by Timoshenko)

                           CIVIL ENGINEERING BOOKS                               

To be Updated...

                   COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION BOOKS                         
Quantitative Aptitude                       Objective General English
   (Abhijit Guha)                                       ( R S Aggarwal)

Nova GRE Math Bible                            Quantitative Aptitude  
                                                     (R S Aggarwal)

English Grammar                                    Grammar Solution
(Wren & Martin)                                        (Wren & Martin)

***Download Steam Table Here.

***Don't have PDF Reader ? I have listed some of the best PDF Readers available on the entire web and all are entirely free of cost. Click on the name to download hassle-free.
1. Foxit PDF 
2. Adobe PDF 


Dear Readers, I do not encourage piracy and neither you should. Please give authors their proper credit of hard work and dedication towards writing the nicest books for you. PDF's are created only for those students who are poor and not capable of buying but have the curiosity to gain something, if you are capable,buy the books because spending on education always pays.

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  1. I need to get a book of engineering physics by B.Premlet.plz add this book to your blog

  2. Diamons, this book is not available anywhere on the internet. You should buy it, if you really want to have this awesome physics book. It is not costly too, you can get it at amazon or flipkart.
    Buy at Amazon - Rs 250

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  3. I need engineering thermodynamics by
    Pk Nag edition 5th.plz add this book to your blog